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Hommegirl: Anjelica Houston!

Dear Diary,

Today, whilst shopping in Santa Monica, Emily and I discussed our first celebrity sightings. Emily couldn’t remember her first celeb sighting, but I totally remember mine. The first celebrity I ever saw in person was Anjelica Houston, and seeing her was the beginning of a one-sided love affair that is still going strong.

My Aunt Julie and her partner, Jules, lived in Three Rivers, California across the street from Anjelica Houston’s country home. We used to visit there from time to time to enjoy the countryside, horses (which I rode a few times and was totally terrified), the beautiful river, and all the other Little House on the Prairie amenities (including an actual outhouse). One day, all my aunties went out riding together and they rode by with Anjelica Houston (I believe I was sitting on a rock at the time). From then on I’ve always been totally obsessed with Anjelica. A year or two after that the first of the Addams Family movies came out and my love for her was cemented. She has such a soothing, elegant, nuanced, and sophisticated presence. But more than that, you can tell she has a little grit. She’s not just your typical girly actress. Shes’s a tough lady, who also happens to be totally gorgeous. ┬áHere are some pictures of her being totally glamourous through the ages:

I love you Anjelica. You are the coolest lady in the whole world. Let’s be friends.



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