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D.I. Why??? How To Make Your Bulletin Boards Less Bulletin Boardy

Dear Bulletin Boards,

I really like you, but I hate the way that corkboard looks. Thus, I like to cover my bulletin boards with newspaper, paint, or anything to distract from the cork. When a bulletin board is blank, it’s like a scary canvas I don’t know how to get started on. When there is already some paper, paint, or anything collaged over the cork, I feel more free to tack up whatever I like, which is normally postcards from art openings and $100 bills. Here is what I did to make my bulletin boards prettier:

This was the bulletin board before I did anything to it, just sitting there bare, taunting me.

So I smothered glue all over it, and then covered it with newspaper.

The other boards I covered with a piece of artist-designed wrapping paper (that I got from a gallery in Chelsea) and with grey paint. If you are going to group bulletin boards, it’s probably best to keep them in the same color palette.

I still have a lot of work to do filling my boards with fun postcards and other ephemera, but I ran out of push pins. If real bulletin boards aren’t your thing, you can always use Pinterest, which is a similar way to catalogue your inspiration but lacks some of the fun tactile qualities of real bulletin boards. Either way, if it isn’t pretty I’m not going to look at it, so get out there and make your bulletin boards gorgeous!



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Homme Videos: Jeffery Self

Dear Jeffery Self,
You’re hilarious. I love your new “Eirik” videos. Check them out!


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Cinespia, Sweaters, and Sweethearts

Dear Los Angeles,

My two favorite things about you in the summer are: 1. The Hollywood Bowl and 2. Cinespia (AKA cemetery screenings). I found out about the screenings at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery just after moving to LA and it was love at first sight. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of attending a Cinespia screening, it’s a series of films shown in the cemetery throughout the summer. All the films are good ones (Last week was Harold and Maude and I had to miss it. So sad). People bring wine and food and picnic while the movie plays and half the time they’re not paying attention to the movie but rather to their captivating friends. Which is okay with me because I love being captivated by my friends. Anyway, here are some pictures of how pretty and fun the screenings are:

I love my friend’s sweater. Don’t you? I guess it’s Club Monaco from a few years ago.

But my sweater is even more exciting:

When the sun sets it get’s crazy pretty:

I highly recommend a Cinespia screening to anyone who likes movies, fun, people, wine, food, or being outside. If you don’t like any of those things I’m worried about you.



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Whut Glamour: San Francisco

Dear San Francisco,

From your pretty airport to your glamourous fire department, you are the most beautiful city on earth. I was up here last weekend for a (gender inclusive) baby shower and this weekend for a wedding. Since I’ve been coming here my whole life, being here is like being at home. Here are a few of the pictures I’ve taken in recent days:


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