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The Golden Campuses

Dear Diary,

If I could do one thing over again, it would be to go to college again. But this time, instead of just going to one college, I’d go to every single college in America for just one day. College campuses fascinate me because they become design museums of sorts. Most older universities are a collection of beautiful old buildings, starkly modern mid-century buildings, enthrallingly¬†ugly 80s buildings, and 90s buildings (that always look like they are made from Legos). Colleges campus designs are meant to reflect the values of higher education: learning, community, safety, history, romance, and so on. When I was looking at colleges, I barely even considered California’s wonderful universities. Now that I’m back on the West Coast, I’ve gained an appreciation for the beautiful, green, sprawling nature of California’s campuses. So here are some pictures to get you in the mood for learning:

Here is one of my favorite UC Campuses, Berkeley. It’s my parents’ alma mater, so I’ve been there a lot.

I mean, I can’t with that view.

Sather Gate (then).

Sather Gate (now).

The oft-maligned UC Riverside campus has some striking architectural features, like this lovely cartoony corridor.

Meanwhile, CalTech in glamourous Pasadena looks like an English garden.

This is a crazy auditorium at CalTech that looks like a circus tent.

Our gorgeous local UCLA campus. So grandiose and idyllic.

California’s answer to the elite liberal arts colleges of the Northeast.

The University of the Pacific. Small school, pretty campus.

The Stanford campus has never been one of my favorites, mainly because I feel it uses the Califonia Mission style in an inappropriate scale (way too big). That being said, it’s still a glorious and warm campus.

UC Santa Cruz is another one of my favorites. Mainly because it’s built into a coastal forest. It has a very California 1960s vibe, as exemplified by the lovely arboretum (below).

UC San Diego has some exciting modern architecture.

And their own pier. Beat that, Ivy League!

So, in conclusion, if you are a high school senior you should consider coming out to the Golden State to luxuriate on one of our gorgeous campuses.

You’re Welcome,


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