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Dear Jeramiah Brent,

This one time, it was the holidays (a time for too many parties), and I kept seeing this really Hot Blond Guy at all these glamourous fêtes. Then one day I was at the gym, running and watching “Rachel Zoe,” and I was like “Oh my god, Hot Blond Guy is the dude from Rachel Zoe!” Which is kind of the annoying part of living in Los Angeles. You see someone attractive and you’re like “Wow! That dude is hot!” and then you realize it’s, like, Orlando Bloom or Jake Gyllenhaal or something and you feel stupid. Anyway, today I was walking through the forest talking about hot guys with some Gays visiting me up in Yosemite and the topic of conversation naturally turned to the blond assistant from “Zoe” and why he is so attractive, stylish, and adorable (hint: it’s his job).

He looks like this. Adorabletimez.

And also this. Double cute.

Oh that I were that built-in shelf he sits upon…. (Sorry).

That is all. Cute dudes wearing cute clothes in cute spaces is fun to look at, yes?

You’re Welcome,

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  1. I might have forgiven some of this outfit

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