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I Want Something From To Do Something

Dear Furniture & Cabinetry Company To Do Something,

I was at the home of one of my favorite clients today and she told me about you and showed me your stuff and I was instantly in love. I love the clean, modern lines, the playful color, the clever legs. I love the beautiful woods, the generous scale, the masculine shapes. Therefore, To Do Something, you are my favorite discovery of the day. Thank you for existing.

Let’s start with the sexy chairs.

Hay chair! I’m not usually a fan of plywood, but I love how it’s juxtaposed with white lacquer here.

I think good design often means you don’t notice the design at all. This chair is exactly what it’s supposed to be, without any stupid distracting details.

I love the stain on this piece, making it look all cartoony plastic. Like my face.

If I had a record player (which I don’t, because I’m a nerd), I’d name him Herbert and put him in this piece of furniture designed specifically for record players. Luxury.

I’d like to put this pop-y table in my urban loft. If I had one. I hate my life.

The legs on this dining table mean the world to me. How much do you love that gold on the bottom? When, due to the ramifications of Prop 8 being overturned in California, people are allowed to marry goats and inanimate¬†objects, I will most certainly be marrying this table, getting a gold wedding ring to match his gold legs. That sentence was way too long. I’m sorry.

Ugh. Be MINE!

In addition to uberglamourous furniture this company also does uberglamourous custom cabinetry. There is more on their site but I was drawn to the aqua kitchen. Like, duh.

Someday, I will have a house full of this gorgeous cabinetry (who doesn’t love built-in storage?) and each and every one of these pieces of furniture. If that doesn’t happen I’ll hate my life and resent you for it. Yes, you. This is all your fault!



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Sofa’s Choice

Dear Sophia Loren,

You know, if you were my daughter I would have named you Sofa Loren. I really love a good sofa. I’ve been searching for a new one for quite some time. My old sofa was great. Totally big mid-century piece. But it took up way too much space in my living room because it was 110″ wide. Which I loved but it left no room for side tables, which I believe to be a necessary part of having a sofa if you want to host parties because where else will people put their drinks?

I loved the shape of this sofa. Very clean lines yet still interesting.

Emily and I found this piece for $99 at Goodwill. It was completely disgusting when we found it but we could tell it had potential. It was filthy and it needed new foam and everything, but according to our upholsterer the wooden frame was still very strong. And it’s 80″ so it leaves plenty of room for side tables. The best part about this sofa is that it’s a sofabed, which is a huge thing for me because I live in a one bedroom apartment and I have nowhere for any visitors to sleep. Tears.

Unfortunately the inner bed mechanism had to be replaced, which added $200 to the budget. This is the sofa mid-way through the process, before the new bed mechanism was installed.

This is how dirty it was. <Insert barfing noises>.

And here is the finished product. Yay!

I chose to cover it in a beautiful peacock blue velvet I bought for about $25 a yard (I needed 16 yards). This soft velvet feels like the tender touch of an angel.

The lines of this sofa are very similar to the old one. Sloped arms, tufted back. I love it all.

I accessorized the sofa the same way I did the old one and put it on the same gallery wall. I’m kind of loving it and I can’t wait to have a guest so I can show them the super crazy half-spring/half aerobed mattress I got for it. It’s SOOOOOO comfy I considered sleeping on it instead of my real bed.

In the end, here’s how the cost of the sofabed broke down:

Sofabed: $100
Fabric: $400
New Bed Frame: $200
Upholstery: $600
New Mattress: $300

Total: $1600

So all in all it’s a $1600 sofa. Which isn’t super cheap but is pretty good for a custom sofabed that no one else in the world has. I know I love this new addition to my family. This Valentines Day I’ll be sending it Valentines and asking it to be my mine. I can’t wait!


PS: Stay tuned for pictures of the sofabed styled as a bed. It’s pretty luxe…


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Dollhouse Update: Back the Drawing Board…

Dear Everyone,

I know a lot of you have been curious WHAT was up with my dollhouse. Well, here’s the scoop. When we started the I’m A Giant challenge, Emily and I were very busy starting our design company and working on clients all over LA and New York. So, to make a long story short, my poor dollhouse sat at Corbett’s house for months, languishing on in the cold garage. Until a few weeks ago when I realized that it was supposed to be done February 1. Clearly that’s not happening, construction is taking much longer than expected (as is often the case with new home construction). Ok, so here’s the progress I’ve made:

The first thing I did is hire my architect friend Louis to design the back of my house. I had no idea what to do back there because I want the entire back of the house to be glass/open but I want it to look like a falling down barn still. Thus, I hired a professional architect to figure it out for me.

For the bathroom floor, I’ve put down couscous as a pebble floor. I’m going to paint it white and finish it with a lacquer finish so it looks fancier.

I adhered the couscous to foamcore frame of my house with white glue. This process was one of those things that seemed like it would be easy when I started. Cut to me screaming and crying on the bathroom floor, covered in Elmer’s glue and couscous bits.

I painted this little chest of drawers peacock blue. Which is the new color of EVERYTHING I’m buying for my apartment. Glamour.

I had to do some minor repairs on the wall in the twins room (sidenote: my dollhouse is inhabited by two gay men Orlando and Ricky Martin and their twin boys Chadleigh and Tadleigh). I found out that you can spackle on top of foam core, which was pretty exciting. I am going to paint it all flat blue and then fix the trim, etc.

I’ve actually done a lot more than this but I haven’t had time to take any pictures because I spent the last week on a top secret celebrity interior design job. I’ll tell you about that when you’re older. Until then, I’ll be trapped in my apartment working on my dollhouse.



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