Fashion Felicitations: 80s Ralph Lauren

Photographs by Sean Gin


Dear Fashion Diary,

A while ago while snooping through my father’s closet, I found this amazing vintage Ralph Lauren shirt. I fell in love with its crazy 80s plaid pattern and it’s lovely purple undertones (side note: for the past few years everyone has been saying purple is a thing, and I keep waiting for it to be a thing, and it’s never a thing. WHAT IS HAPPENING???). Because this shirt is so crazy I decided to pair it with an awesome New Era hat I bought for Coachella last year (yes I am one of those douchebags who buys stuff to go to Coachella. Actually I buy stuff every time I go to the desert. I hate myself). In real life, the shirt actually looks a lot better open with a white tank underneath. However, I also love it buttoned up like it is here.



Below I’ve outlined how you too can get a similarly graphic/crazy/casual look just by using your eyes, fingers, and the internet. Happy shopping!


1. New Era Palm Frond Hat, $35 from Ebay
2. Graphic Button-Down, $240 from ASOS
3. Needle Narrow Jeans, $215 from Levi’s
4. Chuck Taylor Classics, $50 from Converse

No go enjoy your weekend. And BUY EVERYTHING!



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3 Responses to Fashion Felicitations: 80s Ralph Lauren

  1. You’re lucky that you found this vintage yet great T-shirt. Old is gold bro. It’s really great. doesn’t matter how old its not obsolete.

  2. Thinking of the 80s as vintage makes me feel ancient. Thank you.

  3. GR

    Oh boy… eyes+fingers+internet. However, I am now on page 22 after somehow never knowing about your blog and have read it through from page 1 instead of dedicating that time to my paying job. You win, sir.

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