Whut Glamour: Robert Bingaman’s Night Pool Series

Photographs Courtesy Robert Bingaman’s Website


Dear Art Nerd,

Every once in a while I see paintings and wish I’d made them and it infuriates me and makes me want to punch the computer whilst screaming “WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY!” These amazing pool paintings by Robert Bingaman are the perfect example. I love how simple yet totally intoxicating they are. I just want to jump inside these paintings and live in them forever, saying goodbye to the worries of the real world where you have to do boring things like eat breakfast and dress yourself every day. Enjoy Robert’s Night Pool series here and check out the rest of his work on his website.








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6 Responses to Whut Glamour: Robert Bingaman’s Night Pool Series

  1. Kevin Orlin Johnson

    Thanks! Those are striking! And not nearly so simple as they look!

  2. Emily

    Gorgeous! I love the scale — 4 & 5 are 65″ x 115″ and I need them in my life. (Or I mean I would if I were rich and fancy and had any walls longer than 115″ in my tiny, weirdly shaped apartment.)

  3. That’s genius. Why didn’t I think of that?!

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