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My Most Exciting Design Project Ever


Dear World,

Careers. They’re like “yay” and then they’re like “nay.” And they’re like “fun” and then they’re like “done.” And then they’re like “wheeeee!” and then they’re like “whyyyyyyyy?” Basically what I’m saying is that in any career, as in any normal life, there are ups and downs. I’ve definitely just entered into an up phase, as I just procured one of the most exciting collaborations ever. I’m designing a space in conjunction with, wait for it. Pause. Dramatic silence. Anjelica Huston. Right! What? I know.

Anyone who knows me that I totally don’t care about celebrities. My stock answer to why I talk about them at all is that “Celebrities are the catalyst for cultural discourse.” Which is basically to say that they allow us to talk about things that we want to talk about. Like everyone obsessing about Miley Cyrus on the VMA’s isn’t really about everyone obsessing about Miley Cyrus on the VMAs. It’s everyone saying, “Hey, we’d like to talk about female sexuality, feminism, bad styling, foam fingers, and white appropriation of black culture.”

I’m telling you all this to emphasize that I am not one of those people who freaks out about just any celebrity. But Anjelica Huston is different. I’m convinced she’s an alien sent to Earth to show all the other actresses how it’s done. She’s an inherently elegant, cool woman who was just, like, born better than everyone else. And I have been obsessed with her since I was seven years old and I saw her riding a horse at my aunt’s farm (true story).

So at this point you’re probably sitting there screaming, sweating, and crying, wondering what is going on. Well I’ll tell you. I am working on a project in collaboration with Airbnb, Emily Henderson, and Anjelica Huston. It involves installing Kithaus modular homes all over Los Angeles, each one decorated in collaboration with a different celebrity. It’s sort of a celebrity design showcase. My Kithaus is in Venice on Abbot Kinney at the Cook’s Community Garden:


This is what a Kithaus looks like:


You can install them anywhere, including here (gimme):


My inspiration for the design of this space is this lovely photograph of Anjelica from her modeling days. She is attracted to bright, etherial colors, silvers, ivory, turquoise, and pink so this fits within her color palette.


Anjelica loves De Gournay wallpaper, so I’m doing everything in my power to get my hands on some and get it into the Kithaus, so keep your fingers crossed. If you don’t know De Gournay, you should. It’s the most exquisite wallcovering on Earth. Each panel is hand painted and lovely. And I want to live inside it.


Anyway, I can’t say too much just yet about what Anjelica and I will be doing to decorate this space, but I will say that I’m super excited about it and that it will open September 27th (my mother’s birthday!) and that it will be up for 8 days for you to come ogle if you are in town.

And now, for no reason at all, more pictures of Anjelica Huston being the most beautiful woman ever:




I’ll update you more next week on what’s going on with the project. But for now just sit there and be really excited thinking about how cool Anjelica Huston is. It’s okay if you freak out and cry a little bit. That’s just a natural part of life.


PS: Curious what the other celebs, locations, and designers are? I’ll tell you:

The Viper Room
Collaborating Designer: Emily Henderson

James Franco
Hollywood Forever Cemetery
Collaborating Designer: Matthew Lanphier

Molly Sims
The Grove
Collaborating Designer: Bash, Please!

Lake Bell & Scott Campbell
The Arts District
Collaborating Designer: Justina Blakeney

And one more time for good measure:

Anjelica Huston
Cook’s Community Garden in Venice
Collaborating Designer: Orlando Soria

Click here for more information on Airbnb’s Hello LA Campaign


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The Worst Flea Market Experience in the History of Time!

Dear Emily,

Remember last weekend when we went to the Long Beach Antique Market and it was, like, the worst experience of our whole lives? Well, it was raining, which was a bad sign, but we went anyway. As we were arriving (later than normal due to both of us oversleeping), all the vendors were rushing to put their stuff away, running away from us in terror like we were zombies coming for their flesh. For those of you who don’t live in Southern California, it should be noted that people here respond to rain as if it were the worst natural disaster in the world. I don’t personally own an umbrella or any other gear that would protect me from rain. So when it rains it kind of ruins the world. And flea markets. Thus, Emily and I pretty much started crying and whining as soon as we got to Long Beach. I was unconsolable. Until Emily slapped me and told me we better get shopping before all the stuff was packed up and taken away. We frantically ran from vendor to vendor in search of deals. Despite the life ruining weather, we found some scores.

I kind of like these stupid mannequins. I would.

We liked this bench for one of our clients but it’s SO LONG!

I liked this outdoor fire pit thing. If I were a lady I would put this in my ladygarden. That wasn’t meant to sound dirty but it kind of did. Sorrlz.

We bought the blue bench for a client. $100.

Look at this leather bag! We bought it for a client for $40!

We almost bought this for a French Industrial client, but it was $400 and there wasn’t a good place for it in her house.

Whenever Emily sees brass, her eyes turn into spirals and she walks straight to it like a zombie. These bookends were $20. We didn’t buy them because we were depressed about the rain.

Emily: “Should we get this?” Me: “Sure.” Emily: “I’m bored.”


We bought this trunk for the end of a client’s enormous bed. $100.

We almost bought this for a client’s playtable. But it’s kinda boring and would probably benefit from being spray lacquered white, which would make it too expensive for their budget. $120.

Because it was raining, we ran away from the flea market almost as fast as all the vendors. We fled to the antique mall in Pasadena, where luckily they were serving hot apple cider and cookies. Which made us feel better because sometimes we like to eat our feelings. We saw a few cool things there, too.

Look at this cool architectural model! It would be a supes fun coffee table.

Emily: “I don’t like black leather, but I love this chair!” Me: “I’m bored.”

I like this painting at the Pasadena antique mall. It’s $125 though so I might just make a knock off myself. I am a terrible person.

We liked this bench for our modern-pop clients but then Emily sat on it and it almost broke. Emily weighs 17 lbs. Dealbreaker.

We like this table for our French industrial client but it was too big.

Look at this ridiculous hat/box situation! I mean, the beautiful handmade hat comes in a beautiful handmade box. SO much work! But so neato!

Me: “Look at that awesome armoire!” Emily: <cricket noises>

This trunk is stupid. I don’t know why I took a picture of it. I’m an idiot.

We like this Paris map but it’s $250. Conundrums.

This little drum is cute. And so are you. $150

This makes me want to kidnap Angela Lansbury and lock her in a room, forcing her to write about mysterious events like she did on ‘Murder She Wrote.’

We like this chair but it’s arms fell off. Oops! $250.

I know what I’m getting Emily for Christmas…

This Moroccan chest was $400. Not too bad…

We’ve looked at this painting many times, but never buy it because it’s tiny and $175.

Look, a trumpet horn thingy! Or whatever. $100. (We didn’t buy it).

These vintage 3D maps were a bit steep at $250, but we both loved them deeply.

Finally, because we could not stop shopping, we wandered around Old Town Pasadena. This is a rug we’re looking at for a client. It a pretty great value. It’s $299 for an 8′ x 10′! From Crate & Barrel.

At the end of the day we actually got a lot done. We were devastated by how lame the rained out flea market was, but a glamorous secret lunch in Pasadena followed by some good antique mall time made up for it. Thank goodness.



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