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Further Proof That Paint is Magic

Photographs Courtesy Kyung Woo Han


Dear Pool Party People,

I came across the work of Kyung Woo Han recently while I was wandering aimlessly around the internet and I just had to share it even though he made this piece in 2009 which is like 500 years ago in internet years. Basically, he used wall paint to transform an indoor space into an optical illusion swimming pool (i.e. my dream home). As you probably know, I am a huge fan of transform a space using just paint and aqua is my favorite color, so this is basically the most important thing I’ve ever seen in my life.




When I first saw this work my brain exploded and I was like “WAIT I DON’T GET IT.” Luckily, then I found this video that kind of explains what’s going on:



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Fashion Fridays: Catsweatshirttimez with Landon from Fashion Goggled

Dear Landon from Fashion Goggled,

Things I’m entranced by:

1. Your cat sweatshirt:

Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 12.53.39 PM

2. Your cat sweatshirt:


3. Your tattoo. I have been blabbing to everyone for over a year about how I want a tattoo that is a perfect circle 1 pixel wide on my inner-forearm but no one knew what I was talking about until I showed them your tattoo and said “This, but a circle.” Now everyone knows what I want and I have you to thank you for it. Bless ye.


Photos by Tan Camera and Kristen

Read more about Landon’s uberluxurious cat sweatshirt and glamourgeometry tattoo on Fashion Goggled.



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