Fashiontimez: Eliran Nargassi’s Cool Clothes You Need to Covet


Dear Fashion Diary,

I was sitting at home alone the other night, minding my own business and fantasizing about the future, when I came across this exciting fashion designer on Etsy. His name is Eliran Nargassi and his work excites me because it’s interesting and unique and for dudes. Have you ever noticed how fashion for guys is always boring and disappointing? Meanwhile, women’s fashion is filled with creativity and fun. Don’t get me wrong, I love a classic suit and tie combo. But it’s always refreshing to see something kind of cool/weird out there in guys fashion.

Also, I kind of love that this guy comes from Israel and is making an effort to revitalize its fashion scene. I have been so frustrated lately with what’s going on over there. I can’t even listen to any news about it without getting outraged by how sad and destructive and pointless this conflict is. Like watching Israel and Palestine go at it just makes you realize how stupid and irrational war is and how it doesn’t make any sense and you just want to go over there and be like “DUDE. STOP.” Also, for some reason no one seems to be able to talk about it without citing some sort of biased information (either pro-Israel or pro-Palestine, always one-sided) so it’s impossible to feel like you’re ever getting the real story of what’s going on. All of this has nothing to do with this guy’s amazing fashion line or his credibility as a designer but my point is that I’m happy to see something positive coming out of this region since our perception is that it’s crazy and war torn and filled with conflict (which it obviously is but people are still living their lives, creating and that is reassuring).

I’ve sifted through the (amazingly priced) Eliran Nargassi Etsy Shop and here are my favorite pieces from his collection:




I just want to buy all these clothes and go to a party and stand in a corner looking aloof and scary and misunderstood.





If you are part of a couple, you definitely need to buy these matching outfits and wear them all over town, terrifying everyone.


Oh, and he also designed totally cool sandals and they’re $45. And this is important because I’ve been needing sandals lately but don’t feel like spending $200 on something I might hate in a month. You can see more of his stuff on the Eliran Nargassi Etsy Shop or check out his website. Have fun! Buy something!



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Homepolishing The Beach House Guest Rooms

Photographs by Tessa Neustadt courtesy Homepolish


Dear Diary,

The owner of the beach house is constantly hosting friends and thus wanted the two guest rooms there to be welcoming and comfortable. I had a great time designing them because there’s always less pressure with guest rooms than there is on bedrooms where people sleep every night, scrutinizing all of your design decisions each night before they go to sleep. I ended up loving the these two rooms, which have the same spare design of the rest of the home but feel a little more playful, more youthful. The goal with these spaces was to make them look sophisticated and chic without spending a billion dollars.

Thus, most of what is in these rooms is easily sourced and can be found at accessible stores like Crate & Barrel, West Elm, and Pottery Barn. You can recreate these looks pretty easily. Which you should. In your own beach house. Right now.




This bed was one of my favorite finds. If you’ve ever searched for an affordable modern wooden bed, you’ll know it’s not easy to find one that isn’t $150,000. And it kind of makes me want a new bed to replace my new one.


Another find: this crazy lamp from West Elm. They’ve been really killing it with their mid-century inspired pieces lately.


If you frequently have guests, it might be fun for you to invest in one of these little water carafes. I found this one at Lawson-Fenning. It’s unlikely that your guests will actually use these, but it makes them feel like you thought about them before they arrived, which will make them feel special and then maybe they’ll buy you something.




Art by Jurg Lehni is the clear star of the second guest bedroom. I love that work (which is made with spray paint, by machines programmed by Lehni). I tied it into the rest of the room by bringing in black side tables and these life-changing lamps from One Forty Three.



Someday, when I am a guest at the beach house, rolling around on those comfy white beds, I will thank myself for making them so bright,  happy, and inviting. You’re welcome beach house.


Bedroom 1 Resources

Bed from Crate & Barrel, Bench from West Elm, Bedside Tables from West Elm, Bedside Lamps from West Elm, White Bedding from West Elm, Blanket from Pottery Barn, Rug from West Elm, Chandelier from Schoolhouse Electric, Art by Jurg Lehni.

Bedroom 2 Resources

Bed from CB2, Rug from West Elm, Sisal Poufs from Lawson-Fenning, White Bedding from West Elm, Blanket from Pottery Barn, Accent Pillow from Ikea, Lamps from One Forty Three, Bedside Tables from Crate & Barrel, Art by Jurg Lehni.

This project was completed as part of my work with Homepolish, a full service design company that is revolutionizing the interior design industry and making everything better for design-strarved clients nationwide. If you’d like to work with me or another Homepolish designer, please visit our website and sign up for a consultation. 


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I Entered A Design Challenge And If I Don’t Win Everyone Will Die


Dear Reader,

Do you have a big outdoor space that is just DYING for a makeover? Me neither. Because I am a poor, apartment-dwelling fool and the closest thing I have to an outdoor space is the window ledge I sometimes stand upon because I am so upset about not having an outdoor space. Thus, you can imagine my confused outrage when I was approached by Del Mar to enter into their outdoor space design challenge. Now I know what you’re thinking. You’re all “GAG ME WITH A SPEWN THIS IS A TOTALLY LAME SPONSORED POST” but it’s totally not. I am not getting paid anything to do this challenge. I actually lost money on it so DEAL WITH IT LADIEZ. Del Mar furnished me (and two other Glamourbloggers) with a fan and $800 to buy stuff for the makeover. I ended up spending more because the space I chose to makeover is at my parents’ house and I am a REALLY GOOD SON (after you see the transformation you’ll wish you’d birthed me).

Okay so I lied. I am getting paid. PAID IN LOVE. There is nothing more fun than taking your mom shopping and buying her stuff so I guess that counts as payment.

The only rule in the challenge was that I had to use the fan outdoors. Which at first sounded difficult then I realized that outdoor fans are actually kind of glamorous and fun. This is what the fan looks like:


And here’s what my parents’ deck looks like. Before you get all grossed out by that wall color don’t blame them for it. They moved in recently to a flipped house and the flipper made some interesting (read: cheap ass and tacky) design decisions that they are slowly fixing. One of them was painting the outside of the house the color of really ugly Maybelline foundation.

IMG_0434And now I’d like to go on a little rant about flippers. You know, people who take cheap ugly foreclosures, fill them with builder grade garbage, and then finish everything off with stainless steel appliances and granite countertops and TRICK EVERYONE into thinking they did something sophisticated? Those people. I wish they would all die in a fire.

IMG_0430The outdoor space in question is right outside the kitchen. Previously, it was super dark and depressing because the flipper painted everything brown. The paint, mixed with the corrugated metal roofing, made the whole thing look trailery and gross.

My goal with the space was to make it look more unified with the bright, happy interior of the house.  The house itself has great lines, tall ceilings, and a ton of natural light. It sits up on a hill on the outskirts of Santa Rosa, in glorious Sonoma County and has a 1970s modern vibe (though some obnoxious neo traditional accents have been added to it over the years, slowly being removed).


3d3ca14276eb994f2277dc8cf3166ccbI love the casual, eclectic vibe of this image. Totally up my parents’ alley.


My mom probably would have liked something with this crazy color situation, but I hate orange so that was out of the question.


I liked this space because it seems to have the same “Wait are we inside or outside?” kind of conundrum my parents’ deck has.


This was my color inspiration. I just love how sophisticated and spare it is.

So yeah, that’s the situation. I have that ugly ass brown deck, a fan, and $800. Can I save my parents deck from being all dark and trailery? ONLY TIME WILL TELL.

Don’t be a deck. Come back next Friday to find out.



Inspiration Images Via: Whatever Forever, Toast & Nutella, Decor Com Gosto, The Colored Door, Paper Blog.


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A New Bedroom Gets Newer With Some New Newness!

Dear Everyone!

I made some changes to my bedroom and now they’re on the internet for you to put your googleyes on! Check out my new, improved, masc4masc bedroom on Emily’s blog!


Hurry! There’s not very much time left BEFORE THE APOCALYPSE ENGULFS US ALL IN FLAMES.





Check out the step-by-step instructions for how to get this look yourself, including where I bought everything, at Homepolish Magazine! Hurry!


Okay bye.


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Homepolishing The Beach House: Media Room

Photos by Tessa Neustadt Courtesy Homepolish


Dear Beach House,

Media rooms are kind of the worst. Most designers hate decorating them because there’s all sorts of ugly electronic stuff and electronic stuff makes you think about math and math makes you think about sadness and death. Even worse, you have to think about something clients are always obsessed that you wish they didn’t care about. Comfort. If you ask an interior designer why he became an interior designer he’ll never be like “I always wanted to be an interior designer so I could find functional, slouchy sofa for my clients to wallow on.” If he did say that you should fire him. And then hide him in a broom closet until he learns his lesson.

So yeah, media rooms aren’t the most glamorous spaces to decorate. When I set out to design the beach house media room, I wanted it to be stylish as possible, while also being comfortable and inviting. Like your mom.

One tip I always like to share is that it’s often a good idea to incorporate black into the color palette of a media room. If you have a big black TV, this helps incorporate it into the room and balance the space. At the beach house, I added a black accent table and made the legs on the sofa black. Just those two things made a world of difference in making the TV  look much more at home.


The floors throughout the home are dark wood, so I lightened everything with a sisal rug from Rugs USA. Which made me be all “THANK YOU RUGS USA!” (Because they have everything). The chic concrete coffee table is one of my fave finds. Like it’s totally cheap and you can totally leave it outside (again, like your mom).


My best friend’s grandma always used to call me “Fernando” even though she totally knew that wasn’t my name. It was her little way of letting me know she didn’t really care who I was or if I died right in front of her in a terrifying/violent chandelier-falling accident. Thus, when I came across this coffee table called Fernando I had to have it. Also it kind of reminds me of an Ellsworth Kelly drawing. Like this one:

ellsworth kellyImage via Caron Callahan

beach-house-50The collage drawings by Sandra Chervier are truly the showstopper of the room. They are beautiful works on paper made with collaged comic books, watercolor, and colored pencil. Portraits of lovely ladiefaces made out of superhero comics. So one minute you’re all “THAT’S ANY EYEBALL” and the next you’re all “THAT’S A SUPERMAN AND A BATMAN TOGETHER CUT INTO PIECES TO LOOK LIKE AN EYEBALL!”


This neon art by Patrick Martinez is the first thing you see when you enter the room and is a real crowd pleaser at parties. I know this because I’ve imagined being invited to parties here many times. In all those  parties the guests are like “Oh my god where did you get this amazing light sculpture?” And my client is all “My amazing designer Orlando found it for me! He’s standing right there you can meet him! Before I met him I was so dumb and I didn’t know anything. And now I am rich and have a life with meaning. Thanks Oralndo!” (Full disclosure: my client found it and knows way more about everything in the world than me, especially emerging cool street art, being attracted to women, and running a giant company).

In the end, I got over my fear of electronics and had a great time furnishing the beach house’s media room. I will, however, never get over my fear of math.

Love, Orlando


Media Room Resources: Rug by Rugs USA, Sofa by Blueprint Furniture, Sofa Table custom by Francis Capone, Coffee Table by CB2, Cocktail Side Table by Crate & Barrel, Mid-Century Chair from Modcrib LA, Ivory Throw by Crate & Barrel, Coasters from Crate & Barrel, Wooden Tray by Crate & Barrel, Nautical Sripe Pillow by Crate & Barrel, Ivory Pouf by West Elm. This project was completed as part of my work with Homepolish, a full service design company that is revolutionizing the interior design industry and making everything better for design-strarved clients nationwide. If you’d like to work with me or another Homepolish designer, please visit our website and sign up for a consultation. 


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Ten Things Not To Do As A New Yorker Visiting LA

Dear Diary,

I awoke yesterday in terror, the same kind of terror that fills my hummingbird heart every Monday morning, as I realize I didn’t work enough over the weekend and I’m already behind and my whole life is going to be like this and then I am going to die and then I’ll be like “why did I waste all my waking life in terror?” And then I realize I should calm down so I try to calm down and that stresses me out. Did you know there’s something called “Meta Stress” where you get stressed out that you’re stressed out and that stresses you out even more? I didn’t but then my friend told me about it this weekend and it explained my entire childhood.

So yeah, I was having one of those Meta Stress moments today and of course some of my stress came from the fact that I haven’t written a blog post in forever and how my blog is important to me and making it a priority is a huge goal for me. Anyway, then I was like “What should I write about?” And then I was all “Why don’t I write that obnoxious post I’ve been meaning to write forever about the annoying things New Yorkers do when they visit LA?” And so I am. And I’m already feeling so much better. I got this idea for this because half my friends still live in New York and they come out here to visit all the time. When I go to New York, tourists stop me on the street to ask for directions because I walk with a purpose and I seem like I know what I’m doing (full disclosure: I never do). When my friends come out here they look like deer in the headlights. It’s time for everyone to get with the program and figure LA out. Or stay home forever and leave us to stare at palm trees whilst getting lung cancer from the flower-scented smog we inhale every day.

Before I begin I’d like to state for the record that I love New York City and that I grew up staring at Yosemite Falls reading The Andy Warhol Diaries and dreaming about moving there. I moved there the second I graduated from college, spent years there, and loved it. This is not one of those New York vs. LA opinion pieces. Okay it totally is. Admit it, you love those. As played out and lame as they are you always want to read them. And why is that? Probably because they bring to light characteristics that you for some reason want to identify with. Like you want to see yourself as the hardy, enlightened New  Yorker, or the carefree, romantic Californian. Whatever, we all know that everyone everywhere is the same and that the Real Housewives franchise has ruined everything for everyone in the whole world by making us all into the same materialistic robots that are totally okay with Crypt Keeper plastic surgery and conspicuous consumption. So deal with it and read this list of the most annoying things you could possibly do as a New Yorker visiting Los Angeles.

Here we go!


1. Staying on the West Side.

We get it. You want to hang out at the beach. But seriously, no one lives on the West Side and no one wants to come and visit you there on a weekday. A friend of mine recently came to town and was all “Do you want to meet me for breakfast in Santa Monica?” That’s essentially the same as asking someone to join you for breakfast in White Plains. No thanks. Go fall down some stairs.


2. Not renting a car.

Coming to LA and not renting a car is like going to New York and refusing to take cabs or the subway. But worse. I don’t show up to your city and ask you to carry me around everywhere. This is not Driving Miss Daisy and I am not Morgan Freeman. Choosing to be carless in LA destines you to be stuck, bored, and frustrated. And then you’ll complain about it. And then everyone will hate you. Especially me.

IN-N-OUT Caters

3. Talking too much about In-N-Out.

Why is In-N-Out the only thing about Southern California people from the East Coast know about? You don’t spend all your time in New York wondering where you can track down some paper-thin hormone fed beef-adjacent product. So why are you doing it here? Also, knowing about In-N-Out doesn’t make you seem cool. It makes you seem like you went to college with someone from Tarzana who had nothing better to do than go to In-N-Out and then talked about it too much in college, thus making you think it was a legitimate part of California culture. Canadian singer Joni Mitchell, New York Traitor Joan Didion, and Massachusetts-bred Ed Roste – those are staples of Californian culture even though we shouldn’t technically take credit for any of them. Now excuse me while I go retrieve my monocle that just fell out while I wrote that.

carolina-engman-brooklyn-bridge24. Being like “Oh my god everything here is so far away!”

Yes, everything in New York is geographically very close to everything else and that makes it seem convenient. But did you ever notice that all the cool stuff is in Brooklyn? And that all your friends live in totally inconvenient places that take forever to get to? Whenever I’m in New York it takes me 40 minutes to get anywhere. Driving 30 minutes to get to Los Feliz is the same thing. Except you don’t have to touch a dirty e. coli subway pole the whole way there while watching a mom eat hot dog, dripping mustard all over her screaming newborn subway baby.


5. Calling everyone in LA superficial right before asking to be taken to restaurants where you are guaranteed to see a celebrity.

Stop judging us then making us do lame stuff in the hopes that Jessica Alba will be there. We don’t care about celebrities because they are as common as rats on a subway track and we don’t want to go to the lame douchey places where they allegedly hang out because we are decent human beings with souls.


6. Pretending like you don’t know how a map works.

Don’t be like “Hey! I’m in Rancho Cucamonga. Is that far from you?” First of all, no one knows where that is. But also, unless you’re my parents who are literally the last people on the planet clinging for dear life to their dumbphones, you probably have access to a map that can tell you that you’re super far away and that nobody loves you. “Not understanding distances because everything is so spread out here” is not an excuse.

There’s something weird about this to me. The people I know have been all over the world and yet as soon as they get to LA their ability to try and understand a new landscape disappears. When Angelenos come to New York we act like we live there. When New Yorkers come here they act they are on a strange, mysterious planet where nothing makes sense, where everything is bewildering. Pull yourself together! Being befuddled is only cute for like two minutes, then it’s just annoying and makes everyone want to murder you. It’s likely that you studied geography in fifth grade and can figure out geographical proportions. Or you can literally ask your phone or Google maps how long it takes to get from point A to point B. Thank you.

Rodeo_Drive_&_Via_Rodeo,_Beverly_Hills,_LA,_CA,_jjron_21.03.20127. Making me go to The Grove on a weekend or Beverly Hills ever.

Yes The Grove changed American commerce forever and is a fascinating study on how our middle class is obsessed with the idea of living in a 19th century European village but you can’t make me go there on a weekend. It’s literally hell and makes me want to die. Also, everyone knows that Beverly Hills is the worst place on earth and you asking to go there only reveals what a horrible disgusting person you are.

kale-salad-with-cherries-and-pecans-99958. Being all “Oh you LA people and your crazy trendy food fads.” 

Duh. Have you looked around New York? Everyone there is a FREAKSHOW about their food. I will admit that you guys have some serious issues with figuring out how to make a salad or find an appetizing avocado, but the food scenes in the two cities have homogenized over the years and now the menus everywhere kind of look the same (Sidenote: If I hear the phrase “farm to table” one more time I am going to jump into a volcano. Like where else would the food come from? “Biochemical Lab to Table”? “Farm to table” literally means “at some point or other at least part of this meal was in some sort of farm, where it was probably pumped with fertilizer and coated in pesticides.” It’s like when they put “all natural” on fruit snacks for kids when really they are made out of corn syrup and rabbit bones. Everyone needs to stop being fooled by dumb catch phrases. See also: “artisinal.”).

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 8.38.58 AM

9. Pretending that people in New York are as hot as people in LA. 

Yes, we all know that New Yorkers dress better than Angelenos and that LA people dress like mall trash. But you have to admit that everyone here is hot and has a perfect body and that is terrifying and oppressive and awful and makes our lives so much more difficult than yours and that we are really just victims in all of this. I get it, there are models here and there in New York. But you’re not constantly forced to be half naked next to them as they float around being perfectly perfect all the time. Like if you accidentally eat a whole pizza alone one night you probably don’t have to worry that you’re going to be trapped at a giant glamorous pool party tomorrow with people who look like the guy above (who is a friend of mine, whose body I resent completely in a Jenna Maroney “Don’t stand near me” kind of way).


10. Being all “Oh my god everything here closes so early!”

We get it. Stuff in New York stays open late. But somehow, people here aren’t, like, freaking out every weekend that our bars don’t stay open until 4. If you have a drug problem and you need to stay up forever, dancing and dancing so you can convince yourself your life has some kind of meaning and that you are somehow more capable of experiencing true joy than other people, there are like a hundred after parties you can go to. So go to them, and leave me alone.

I hope that these tips have been helpful for you and that you are adequately terrified about your upcoming trip to The Golden State. Thank you.


Images: Angeleno Living, Love, LA Times, Fashion Squad, Fora, Flikr, Wikipedia, Steamy Kitchen, Kyle Krieger Instagram, Wikipedia.


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Pegs: Not Just for Pirates Anymore!

Photo by Sean Gin Courtesy Homepolish

July 09, 2014-013Dear Reader,

I spent the weekend with my family up north and got to spend a lot of time with my little 3-year-old niece, who is adorable and looks like a Kewpie doll. My parents moved close to my brother so they could hang out with the grandkids and, to my surprise and delight they set up their VCR (analog… so trendy) so that my niece could watch all my old Disney movies (which they kept along with every terrible college paper I wrote). This meant I got to watch ‘Pocahontas’ with my niece on Saturday. The best part of it was that she mistook all the white people in it for pirates (she loves those Jake and the Neverland Pirates books so that’s not a surprise) which makes total logical sense if you think about it. Anyway, her pirate obsession got me thinking about peglegs, which got me thinking about this fun pegboard wall DIY I did over on Homepolish Mag! Please check it out and then do it at home. With the ‘Pocahontas’ soundtrack playing.



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D.I.Why? Painting a Graphic Door at Hello Giggles

Photo Courtesy Hello Giggles


Dear Hello Giggles,

As you may know, you’re getting a Homepolish makeover (headed up by ME!) in your sunny Downtown LA offices. Because your brand is so youthful and fun, I’m incorporating some fun DIY projects into your makeover. The first of these is this glamourdoor:

door-2You can read step-by-step instructions on how I did it over on the beautifully redesigned Homepolish site. Hurry up and do that now or I will die of sadness and it will be, like, all your fault.




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Homepolishing The Beach House: Master Bedroom


Dear Reader,

Whenever people ask me what my favorite project is I always say the most recent one, because it’s the freshest in my mind and still the most exciting to me. I’ve designed for a huge variety of clients and they all have their own styles, but my beach house project stands out for me because it was the first time I worked with a client who had such modern,  minimal taste. My client is a young guy, super cool, who started a tech empire in his twenties and loves art. Since I come from an art background, I was obsessed with his art collection and also super happy that he was so enthusiastic about it.

My goal with the beach house was to make it minimal and spare, but welcoming. The whole point of the space is that you can look out the window and LOSE YOUR MIND that the ocean is right there, so the decor didn’t need to be complicated or ornate. And, because the art was the real focal point of the space, I wanted to make sure I used a color palette that allowed it to shine and didn’t distract too much from it.

The bedroom, featured here, is a quiet, bright space so I chose to outfit it in natural materials, light, etherial colors, and textures that evoked the outdoors. Because I was furnishing the whole house at once, I wanted to be careful about where I spent my client’s money. So I scrimped on certain things (bedding, side tables), and spent where I knew it would make an impact (beautiful custom drapery). This balance is what gives the whole space a sophisticated feel. It’s also what kept my client from murdering me for spending his entire fortune.


A fun fact about tech entrepreneurs is that they all sip iced coffee in bed and they never ever spill on their all-white bedding because they are perfect.


Those sconces from One Forty Three excited me in ways that are irrational and thrilling. I’d love to take them to Paris, dance with them in the moonlight, tell them every morning they are the only reason I have for  living.



I have the same white bedding on my bed. It comes from West Elm and while they’re not making it anymore they do have some awesome options.


Those concrete bedside tables from CB2 make me happy. They’re totally a steal and a great way to introduce a new material into a space.




I’m captivated by these works by Jurg Lenhi. They add a graphic playfulness that helps lighten the mood of the room.


The existing bathroom was dark and a bit cold, so I added some fluffy white towels and bath mat to make the space feel more inviting.


If you’re reading this, please start a tech company then hire me to decorate your new beach house. This project was so fun I just want to do it over and over and over again.


Bedroom Resources:

Copenhagen Bed from West Elm, Bedding West Elm, Herringbone Blanket Pottery Barn, Bedside Sconces One Forty Three, Bedside Tables CB2, Gray Accent Pillow Crate & Barrel, Mid-Century Bench CB2, Accent Vase West Elm, Tray Vintage, Glassware CB2, All Other Accessories Vintage, Midcentury Credenza Modcrib LA, Art by Juergen, Pin Leg Bench CB2, Striped Throw by Ninespace, All Plants by Mickey Hargitay Plants.

Bathroom Resources:

Turkish Towel Ninespace, White Towels Garnet Hill, Bathmat Ikea, Tray Organizer from CB2.

This project was completed as part of my work with Homepolish, a full service design company that is revolutionizing the interior design industry and making everything better for design-strarved clients nationwide. If you’d like to work with me or another Homepolish designer, please visit our website and sign up for a consultation. 


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Fashion Felicitations: 80s Ralph Lauren

Photographs by Sean Gin


Dear Fashion Diary,

A while ago while snooping through my father’s closet, I found this amazing vintage Ralph Lauren shirt. I fell in love with its crazy 80s plaid pattern and it’s lovely purple undertones (side note: for the past few years everyone has been saying purple is a thing, and I keep waiting for it to be a thing, and it’s never a thing. WHAT IS HAPPENING???). Because this shirt is so crazy I decided to pair it with an awesome New Era hat I bought for Coachella last year (yes I am one of those douchebags who buys stuff to go to Coachella. Actually I buy stuff every time I go to the desert. I hate myself). In real life, the shirt actually looks a lot better open with a white tank underneath. However, I also love it buttoned up like it is here.



Below I’ve outlined how you too can get a similarly graphic/crazy/casual look just by using your eyes, fingers, and the internet. Happy shopping!


1. New Era Palm Frond Hat, $35 from Ebay
2. Graphic Button-Down, $240 from ASOS
3. Needle Narrow Jeans, $215 from Levi’s
4. Chuck Taylor Classics, $50 from Converse

No go enjoy your weekend. And BUY EVERYTHING!



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