D.I.WHY? How To Make A Wreath That No One Else Has

 Photographs by Sean Gin Courtesy Homepolish Dear Holiday Crafters, Look at me. Holding that wreath like a psychopath. Do you want your own wreath that you can hold like a psychopath? If so, check out my glamourous how-to on Homepolish Magazine. In it, I’ll give you step by step instructions on how to make this wreath all on your own, as well as a few tips on how to live a life filled with erotic delight. Just kidding. What are you waiting for? Hurry on over to Homepolish Magazine and check it out! Love, Orlando FULL STORY HERE>>>

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10 Ways to Make Your Holidays Sparkle Without Looking Like The Huge Nerd You Really Are

Photograph by Daniel Collopy Dear Reader, It’s very important that you drop everything, even if it’s a baby, and read my latest post on Homepolish Magazine entitled 10 Ways to Make Your Holidays Sparkle Without Looking Like The Huge Nerd You Really Are. It features all the glamour and glitz of my Crate and Barrel holiday makeover WITH EVEN MORE TIPS on how to make your house horrendously happy for the holidays. Hurry! Orlando FULL STORY THIS WAY>>>

Literally No One Is An Insider

Photograph by Andy Fillmore via Filth & Wisdom Dear Lea Michele, A few years ago, I experienced for the first time being seen as an insider of sorts. I’d written a post about body image, which somehow aligned me with a group of body-neurotic, waxy Weho boys (for you non-gays out there, basically a “Weho boy” is a mean popular Gay who is accepted by all the other mean popular Gays, at least as I understand it). A lot of the comments on that post seemed to be coming from the perspective of people who felt alienated from the mainstream body-obsession…

Crate & Barrel + Hommemaker Holiday

Photographs by Daniel Collopy Dear Reader, Christmas. It’s always been a big deal for me. Maybe because I have always loved making things. Maybe because I grew up in a cabin that looked like a gingerbread house. Maybe because as a child I loved stories about weirdos who made their own Christmas decorations. My favorite was A Christmas Memory, the Truman Capote story about how his whole family hated him and how he and his best friend made Christmas tree decorations out of candy wrappers. Moral of the story: with a little creativity and imagination, you can make your Christmas celebration truly magical….

A Christmas Miracle Came Early And Is Going To Make Your Eyeballz Explode Violently From Their Sockets

Photograph by Daniel Collopy You Guys, Something is happening on Wednesday that is going to make your eyeballz explode out of your head, bounce off the wall across the room, and then plop back into your eye sockets just so that you can look at what’s happening on the internet. What’s happening on the internet is the Crate and Barrel has chosen me to be one of their inaugural Holiday Bloggers this year. For the next few weeks, Crate and Barrel will be featuring the amazing work of seven of the internet’s most creative writers, who will be covering everything from cooking, to crafting, to…

Watch This Infomercial for Meth!

Dear Potential Meth Addicts, PUT THAT METH DOWN AND WATCH THIS VIDEO! A few weeks ago I found myself watching one of those home shopping network channels at a hotel in Carmel and I couldn’t get over how ridiculous it was. It was October 30th and they were selling these crazy snow globe lamp things that were literally the ugliest, worst thing I’ve ever seen. But maybe not quite as bad a meth, which my friends Jeffery Self and Drew Droege make a case for in this parody of an infomercial. It’s actually a PSA for NOT doing meth, but…

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Fresh Feelings For Your Eyeballz: Fall Colors In Yosemite

Photography by Orlando Soria and Your Mom. Just Kidding His Mom. Dear Autumn, There’s something about you that makes me miss Yosemite. Growing up, fall was my favorite time of the year because it meant all the obnoxious summertime tourists were finally gone. Finally, I could ride my bike to the store without having to weave through sweaty tourists in American flag t-shirts eating ice cream and feeding Doritos to the animals. Fall is a magical time in Yosemite for other, more obvious reasons. Mainly that it’s disgustingly gorgeous and so romantic you’ll want to gouge your eyes out with a pumpkin…

New Simply Framed Graphic Art by Erika Gragg

Photographs by Sean Gin Courtesy Homepolish Dear Art Oglers, One time, when Erika Gragg and I were freshman at Cornell, I called her a Barbie in painting class. She never forgave me. She brings it up a lot. We’ll be just eating lunch somewhere random and she’ll be like “REMEMBER WHEN YOU CALLED ME A BARBIE?” And then everyone in the restaurant will drop their forks and glare at me, knowing what a horrible person I am for calling people Barbies just because they have blond hair and laugh a lot. Since being traumatized by me in college, Erika has gone on to create…

That One Time A New Living Room Gave Me A New Reason To Live

Photographs by Sean Gin Courtesy HomepolishDear People Who Are Excited For Halloween To Be Over So We Can Start Writing Letters To Santa Asking For Stuff, Christmas came early for me this year because LOOK AT MY NEW(ish) living room! In celebration of the fun updates I made in my home, I wrote a potpourri of posts, the first, most riveting one for Emily Henderson’s lovely site and the second, more sobering and hard-hitting one for Homepolish Magazine. Highlights include: This luscious new coffee table from Crate & Barrel. This saucy side table, also from Crate & Barrel. AND THIS MESMERIZING…

Homepolish Highlights: Tropicaltimez in Noa Santos’ Living Room

Photos by Claire Esparros Courtesy Homepolish Dear Design Dorks, As you know I’m the West Coast Creative Director of Homepolish. Thus, I’ve decided to start a series highlighting my favorite projects from the company’s roster of crazy talented designers. Who better to start with than Noa Santos, the designer who started it all with his cofounder Will Nathan just a few years ago. As soon as I saw the banana palm tree in the corner, I knew Noa and his boyfriend Ross had great style. Before that I was like “That’s a lot of asymmetrical ironic flowing sweaters and male jeggings…